Portfolio: Bo Frederiksen

Blender 3D
Blender 3D is a comprehensive 3D platform. It's long list of features includes modeling, sculpting, texturing, animation, video editing and camera tracking... the list goes on. I've spend many years with Blender as a hobby. Mostly modeling. Some of my images are in the carousel above.
Official blender site: blender.org
Hand drawing classic and digital
I draw all kinds of stuff in varying styles. About every 2nd year I take a drawing class. Classical, comics, croquis or design. Whether it's with ink, pencil or wacom board I'm equally enthused.
Winter 2016 I'm working on a beer-rating site. I've made a "least viable solution" to make sure my team mate and I are on the same page, and I've started reading up on the codeignite framework for implementation. This is my current project.

The project lives here: Beer on github
c# og Unity
Unity og C#. Unity allows me to use modeling and coding for my favorite pet project. It's file browser with a non hierarchical structure.

Around christmas 2015 I started implementing this project in python. At the time I was exchanging code knowlede for Mandarin language with a student in china. The python project is abandoned.
The code is here: Graph on github
Blasts from the past
These are some headlines from other projects from the last few years:

Chrome extension for getting better overview of browser history.
Android App. A simple cost distribution calculator.
Flash. Space shooter with 3 levels.
Linux game server administration on several occasions. Mainly for Minecraft.

Looking further back:
First language Pascal.
Educated in C++. The language I was most skilled in.
Data structures in Java.
Database management.